• Aluminum Foils

Aluminum Foils

Aluminum foil has a key role in protecting, storing and cooking food. It helps store all sorts of cooked or raw food, is healthy, fresh and hygienic. You can store your food wrapped in aluminum foil in refrigerators or freezers, or you can use aluminum foils as a lid for containers or pots. Aluminum foil keeps cooked or heated products warm.

The heat can be kept for a longer period of time if the containers or pots are wrapped with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil prevents the mixture of smells from food put in the refrigerator. It is protective as it prevents bacteria from reaching the food.

You can also ensure a hygienic environment for your food and prevent any germ contamination and dust from the outside environment.

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Categories: Market, Household, Horeca & Ecological, Market & Kitchen Products

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